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What is Abilis Data Rocket?

Organizational leaders must be able to make decisions quickly to respond to changing markets, opportunities and challenges. To support decision-making, data must be uniform, trustworthy and up-to-date, and must be easy to access and understand. Without modern data infrastructure, potential insights are stuck in silos and lack institutional context.

Abilis Data Rocket was developed to respond to the needs of data-intensive industries. Data decision-makers can verify the value and opportunities in data modernization, with industry-leading technologies, low investment overhead and proven support and proves how quickly data creates value with a modern cloud-based architecture. Within three months, your organization will be able to answer the mission-critical questions.

Abilis Data Rocket empowers data democratization. Specifically, Data Rocket uses Talend on Azure to connect to a source system, land the data in Snowflake on Azure, do light processing on the data, and create a Tableau or PowerBi dashboard delivering powerful insights using your data. With uniform, trustworthy data, Abilis Data Rocket provides comprehensive institutional insights and the predictive analytics you need to make informed, proactive decisions.

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Abilis Data Rocket Technology Partners

Our technology partners are industry leaders in ETL, data management, cloud storage and visual analytics. With Abilis Data Rocket, you know your data can be trusted, thanks to Talend’s data management software that allows customers to access, process, govern and manage data at the speed of business. Snowflake’s industry leading Cloud Data Platform that delivers the performance, scalability and concurrency required to allow customers to finally address the most demanding data related challenges. Depending on your use, Tableau or PowerBI provides visual analytics, democratizing data and putting it in hands of decision-makers. The Abilis Data Rocket is built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, providing nimble architecture that grows with your business.

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